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2007 was a huge year for Scouts around the world.

UK 2007 21st World Scout Jamboree Scout Mondial (logo)

First of all, it was a Jamboree year and we know how to party together on those years! But most notably it was the centenary of the first experimental Scout camp on Brownsea Island in Dorset.

During 2007, Scouts from all over the world took part in lots of activities to mark the year and in Hampshire we were no exception. Here's a summary of our summer of celebration in pictures.

Please note: although we did have digital cameras in 2007 their quality is a little small by today's standards. Sorry about that. Anyway, on with the show!

Running up to summer

Three Hampshire Scouts on top of Everest
May time: Hampshire Scouts conquer Mount Everest. James, Tim and Dave on top of the world!
Two people standing talking
Our President, Mrs Mary Fagan, and Russ Parke discuss their awards at the Open Day in June.
A group of Beaver Scouts holding blue flags outside.
The Beaver Scouts had their County flag blessed at Portsmouth Cathedral.
Scouts parading with flags in the rain.
The Festival of Flags in Winchester began in the rain...
Scouts standing with flags outside Winchester Cathedral
...but the weather improved after the service at Winchester Cathedral.
A group of young people escort a flame surrounded by dignitaries in Winchester High Street.
The Flame of Scouting being escorted through Winchester on its way from Kenya to Brownsea Island. Photo courtesy of the Hampshire Chronicle.

H007: the Hampshire adventure camp

H007 was our camp held at New Park, Brockenhurst, attended by Scouts from all over Hampshire. Plus we had Scout groups from much further afield join us, especially as we were close to where Scouting started.

A land train at H007
En-route the Flame of Scouting called in at H007 where it was transported across the mud in 'Trigger' the train and a Lamborghini.
A group of Scouts find their campsite.
That's where you're camping I think! Note the new style trek cart.
A group of Scouts queue for the camp tuck shop.
The camp's Tuck shop prepared for the invasion!
A lorry stuck in mud
One lorry liked it so much it took root...
A scout irons on the back of a stuck flat bed truck
...until it got used for some Extreme Ironing!
Lots of international flags fly above the camp souvenir shop.
There were no Scouting first class stamps available in Lyndhurst or Brockenhurst - the H007 souvenir shop had sold them all!
Norwegian Scouts read the daily campsite paper
The Spiders (Norwegian for Scouts) from Norway read the Morning Horn, our campsite paper...
Mugs hanging on a rack
...and this is their mug branch.
Scouts dressed in a variety of traditional country dresses make the Scout promise
On Sunrise Day, the 1st August, the Scouts renewed their promise with the sunrise.
A group of Scouts from Scotland wearing uniform, kilts with one playing the bagpipes.
The Scottish contingent made sure they were heard.
A group of Explorer Scouts lay down in front of a transparent zorb.
Whatever did the Explorers get up to? Zorbing really is the best.
A Scout on a bike wearing a sign that reads 'Stop me, buy one'
Our Deputy County Chair plays the role of sandwich boy.
Packs of sausages about to be used for cooking
Some of the 3,200 sausages used for cooking on our activities field.
A large number of young people in a tent for the closing ceremony.
The Cub Scouts enjoy their closing ceremony including a shout out for the 'Bog Squad'.
A large collection of lost property
Lost property: Now, which one is mine?
Sunset over a camp
Sunset on a memorable camp.

Celebrations elsewhere

A large group of young people
Can you spot the Hampshire Scouts at the World Scout Jamboree?
A group of Scouts sit underneath a constructed gateway with Union Flag, St. George's flag, St. Andrew's flag and WOSM flags.
A spectacular gateway by the PECANs at the World Scout Jamboree.
Prince William with some Scouts from Hampshire.
Some met Prince William.
Prince William with some Scouts
A number of sailing boats on a large lake.
Splash! The off site water activity. For some of our Scouts, it was the first time they had seen a lake let alone gone sailing on one.
Hampshire Scouts meet with Scouts from other countries at Gtodonka Scout and Guide Centre.
HoHo - the Home Hospitality that followed the Jamboree - found some of the Hampshire Scouts in Poland staying at the Gtodonka Scout and Guide Centre.
A group of Scouts sit on the glass floor of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth
Catisfield Scout Group celebrated Sunrise Day on the Spinnaker Tower. This was just one of the many celebrations that took place throughout Hampshire. Photo courtesy of the Portsmouth News.

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